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The Bay Area’s Full-Service IT Staffing Company With A 30-Day Placement Guarantee.

RightWorks is a trusted full-service IT staffing agency serving the Bay Area. With more than 10 years of first-hand IT knowledge and on-the-job experience, we rapidly match companies of every size with top-tier candidates who’ve already been vetted by leaders in the IT community.

Whether you need a DevOps engineer, architect, infrastructure specialist, developer, analyst or technician for your small to large scale projects, we have a robust database to pull from—and they are made available when you need them most!

We are so sure our clients will be satisfied with our IT staffing services, we guarantee placement for 30 days as a sign of confidence. If our highly-skilled specialists are not a good fit or leave for any reason within those 30 days, we will replace them quickly and at no additional cost.

Why Fortune 500 Companies Choose RightWorks

Our flexible staffing process is far more rigorous and reliable than any job board. We use the same thorough vetting process as high-tech companies.

Cyber security, application integrations, data management, backups or IT strategy, our problem-solving IT specialists will handle any of your IT-related concerns with precision, so you have peace of mind to run your business.

It’s the reason Fortune 500 companies like Sony, NBC Universal, and GE come to us for their IT staffing solution needs—and now you can too.

Here’s what it’s like to work with RightWorks:

  • Discovery. We work with you to get a clear, well-rounded picture of who we need to complete your team.
  • Fielding Candidates. We use job boards, postings, and our extensive database to pull together the most qualified IT candidates.
  • Screening. We go through work history, earning history, authorization to work, background checks, reference checks, and even get into community contributors (code and volunteer work alike).
  • RightWorks Interview. We meet all candidates for a face-to-face interview so our IT community can truly qualify them as an ideal candidate.
  • Company Interview. We look to your schedule to set up phone and in-person interviews for you and your staff.
  • Feedback. We listen to your feedback, communicate with our candidate, and make adjustments to our IT staffing search.  
  • Placement. We take care of all paperwork and arrangements so that the new-hire process and transition is quick and easy.
  • Post-Placement. We check in for feedback and make sure the placement is a good fit.

We are serious about connecting the right company with top talent—when the company needs them, where they need them. We understand technology and needs advance at record speed, and you cannot afford to fall behind or under capacity. We keep you ready at a moment’s notice to bring on new, end-to-end IT talent.

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