Staffing Solutions Tailored To Your Program

No matter how you choose to hire your employees, you want to be sure that you're getting the best fit for your company. At RightWorks, you'll get staffing solutions that are tailored to your programs, rather than the other way around. We want to find you the best possible people for your open positions, and we'll work with you to be sure that we've got candidates who will be a great fit.


With our great contract-to-hire program, you'll get candidates who come in and work for your company on a contractual basis, until a particular job or season is complete. At the end of that time, you have the option to hire them as permanent members of your team. Our contract-to-hire option is a great way to fill temporary positions or to handle seasonal changes in staffing needs.

Contract Staffing

Need employees to fill temporary positions or prefer the convenience of contract staff members who are employed by our firm? RightWorks will provide contract employees to help fill your available positions and make it easier for you to get big projects taken care of.

Ask About Our 30-Day Placement Guarantee

At RightWorks, we're confident that the candidates we bring you are a great fit for your job. In fact, we're so confident that we'll stand behind them! If our candidates leave your business at any time within the first 30 days of employment for any reason, we'll replace them free of charge.



  • Loan Processors
  • Collection/Loss Mitigation I & II


  • Electronics Repair Technician I & II

Office SupportSorting/Receiving

  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources

Skilled Trades

Light Industrial

  • Forklift
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Inventory Control

Why RightWorks?

RightWorks provides an unparalleled experience that will help move employees in a wide range of fields into your company as soon as possible. We staff based on EEOC, so you'll never have to worry about discrimination issues or other problems. We're a member of the American Staffing Association and other key staffing associations to ensure that we have all of the latest information about our industry. As a small organization, we don't have a thousand businesses that we're catering to. As a result, we're able to focus more fully on your business.

At RightWorks, we offer you the staffing quality that you’d expect from a large enterprise. With a large pool of candidates to choose from, we’re ideally positioned to provide you with the talent, certifications, skills, and specialties you need for your open jobs. We have a great deal of combined staffing experience, both before opening RightWorks and now. At the same time, you’ll get the level of personalized care and service that you would expect from a small business, with a representative who will personally handle your account as they get to know your business and your specific needs.

We’ve worked for a wide range of companies in the past, scaling our business in order to acquire the talent you need to manage your staffing needs. You’ll get a dedicated individual just for your company without having to keep them on staff for you. Big companies like Kelly Services have an abundance of clients that can allow individual requirements to fall through the cracks. RightWorks, however, is dedicated to finding you exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for accounting support or light industrial work to help make your projects as effective as possible, you need the talent to pull it off. At RightWorks, we have access to a wide range of talented individuals who are ready to come work for your company–including a wide range of developers and other talented individuals. As a staffing agency, we have access to candidates who might never see your job posting or express an interest in your company. As a result, you’ll have access to a wider range of candidates with exactly the skills you’re looking for.

Note that RightWorks doesn’t do any offshoring at all. We don’t use either offshore recruiters or candidates at any time. Our candidates all need to have the right credentials to be able to work without sponsorship. This will help save an immense amount of time and money for your entire company as well as ensuring that you’re able to meet compliance regulations for your industry.

You need a staffing agency that will conform to the specific needs of your business, rather than one that wants you to conform to them. With RightWorks, you’ll get a representative who will work with you to ensure that our services fit with your existing hiring and onboarding processes. Not only that, you’ll get flexible staffing options that will allow you to customize your requirements according to your current needs, based on the current projects in your hands.

At RightWorks, we’re committed to attention to detail. We pay attention to OSHA certifications, forklift certifications, tech certifications, and all the other details you need to move members into your team. Our account manager will work with you to ensure that you have the right certifications and experience for each new member of the team.


When you work with RightWorks to handle your staffing needs, you need to be able to move smoothly through the process. This includes:


step 1

Building Customer Program Knowledge

At RightWorks, we're committed to matching our recruitment services to your program requirements. Before we start working to find candidates to fit your open positions, we'll sit down with you and be sure that we fully understand your processes and how we can work with your existing program to create a smoother transition and more effective hiring process for the entire company.

step 2

Generate Talent Sourcing Strategy

Your talent sourcing strategy is based on several key facets. First, you'll identify the types of positions you have open - both the ones you have open currently and the ones that are subject to high levels of turnover. Next, we'll work with you to determine your long-term staffing needs so that, rather than scrambling to fill vacancies as they become a problem, you're able to seamlessly fill open positions from a pool of candidates who have been chosen especially for you. We'll also work with you to identify the specific certifications, skills, and personalities that you want to include in your talent pool.

step 3

Screen, Select, and Meet Candidates

At RightWorks, we can be as hands-on with the screening portion of the program as you like. We'll take the steps to pre-screen candidates, from conducting background checks to meeting with them for an interview prior to sending them on to your company. Our online application helps streamline the application process, gaining a deeper understanding of what each candidate is able to bring to the table for your company. Then, we'll provide you with a series of resumes to choose from. You'll select the ones that are of most interest to you, meet them, and move them through your company’s interview process.

step 4

Relationship Management

We don't want to throw candidates at you and hope for the best. Instead, at RightWorks, we continue the relationship placement. During the first 30 days of employment, we'll work to smooth the onboarding and transition process, from checking in with them to make sure there's nothing they need in order to be effective in their new position to providing them with feedback on their job performance during those critical first few days. We'll also use that time to develop a deeper understanding of how this candidate is or isn't an effective fit for your company so that we'll be able to provide you with better candidate options in the future. If you need further management help, we can also provide a member of our staff who will manage our RightWorks placements on-site.

If you're ready to start working with a staffing company that is designed with your needs at the forefront, contact us. We'll start moving you through the process to partner with RightWorks for all of your staffing needs.

“We needed people who could hit the ground running with our very serious project initiatives. We are naturally flooded with applications every time we open a position and it can be very difficult and time consuming to find the right candidate. RightWorks made a world of difference.”

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Our business depends on having quality talent delivered to us at a moments notice. RightWorks does it right because they listen to what their partners and clients want out of a new team member. They not only find us people who are talented but new team members who fit into our culture. That’s the big differentiator between them and other staffing agencies

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