As announced recently at the Drupal Europe conference, Drupal 9 is coming soon. The company has set an estimated 2020 release, which is reliant upon the PHP framework Symfony.

Since Drupal operates on Symfony (and is planned to run on Symfony 4 or 5), its schedule must coordinate with Symfony’s schedule. Therefore, Drupal 8.8.0 is expected to be released December 2019, with Drupal 9 slated for June 3, 2020. As a footnote, all Drupal users must transition to version 9 by November 2021 (the end-of-life date for Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and Symfony 3).

Looking ahead—what to expect

As noted by Drupal, version 9 is not meant to be an upgrade with new features, but simply the last version of Drupal 8 with deprecations removed. This version will introduce dependency updates, and Version 9 may require you to update some of your code – especially if it will become deprecated with the new release.

You won’t need to completely rebuild, but you will need to make some updates to work out some bugs. However, Drupal has suggested the upgrade to version 9 should be easy.

How to prepare your website in 2019

You’ll want to do a little homework to make sure the Drupal platform is still the right choice for your business. And if you decide yes, it’s time to start working towards Drupal 9. You can make the transition as easy as possible for your team with these steps:

  • First things first: upgrade to Drupal 8. Some experts recommend upgrading to Drupal 8 if you’re currently still on 7, and then to 9 – rather than bypassing 8 all together. Drupal notes the transition from 8 to 9 will be much smoother once you’ve upgraded from 7 to 8. Drupal 9 will function on Symfony 4 or 5, and the company is currently working on enabling Drupal 8 to run on Symfony 4. This framework allows new capabilities, and will make it easier for your developers to make the transition to Drupal 9.
  • Update modules to the new media library. Drupal is working on adding a media library to version 8. Once in place, you can begin updating your media module with the new library in advance of the Drupal 9 launch.
  • Ensure modules and themes are up to date. As long as modules and themes are in sync with Drupal 8 APIs, your transition to Drupal 9 will be easier.

Are you in need of Drupal website support?

You want your website to maintain its functionality through platform upgrades without the need to close down for construction. This can rob your website visitors of a positive customer experience, as visitors to your site expect 24/7/365 accessibility.

Don’t lose sleep over the Drupal 9 transition! If you’re in need of resources to update your site code and keep business running as usual, contact RightWorks. We’ll work with you to ensure the transition goes smoothly and your website stays up and running without losing features and functionality. To learn more, contact us today!