You need to keep your business dynamic to stay relevant. As your industry changes and the needs of your customers evolve, you’ll need to keep pace with the competition. Your website is a critical part of the equation. It impacts how potential customers find more information about your business, how they shop with you, whether or not they return as repeat customers, and their overall impression of your products, service and overall brand.

Three advantages of the Drupal platform

To support an efficient website, the platform on which you’re operating must be nimble. Regular innovations will help you keep your site up-to-date and credible. And if Drupal is your platform of choice, you’re on the right path! The Drupal platform provides users with multiple key capabilities. These include:

  1. Backwards compatibility. As Drupal releases new versions, you want to be sure your website continues to be compatible so you don’t experience downtime for upgrades. With backwards compatibility, some parts of your code won’t be impacted by newer versions, so you won’t need to make changes to keep it compatible. The fewer changes required by a new Drupal version, the more backward compatible code is in the current version you’re using.
  2. Component architecture. Drupal provides replaceable components in its architecture, which are modular and independent. This gives Drupal users control over the software to customize and add complexity to a website. It also allows developers to re-use site components and scale the website accordingly.
  3. Sustaining innovation as an open source. Open-source software, like Drupal, is built by a community of volunteers who offer its use for free. Since no licensing fees are required, you don’t need to buy new versions in order to upgrade your site and stay current. Plus, the thriving communities that support the software believe in innovation and continuously strive to keep it cutting edge.

Drupal can be as simple or complex as you prefer

The Drupal platform is easy to use without extensive design and development experience. It comes complete with templates and plugins to help you build a beautiful, functional website. However, if your site requires customizations, it helps to have a more intricate understanding of the Drupal platform to maximize its functionality. If this is the case, website support can be a valuable resource.

Looking to enhance your website?

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