If you currently host your website on the Drupal platform, you’re familiar with the advantages it provides. Coming soon – possibly by the Drupal 8.7 release this May – is Drupal 8 Layout Builder, new building software that supports Drupal’s core features. It’s an exciting development, as it helps take your website to the next level with page design support, something not all platforms offer.

Three features of Layout Builder

So, how can this new software help you develop your website? Layout Builder provides a visual design tool for support with the following page design needs:

  1. Content templates – if you need to replicate page designs over and over.
  2. Customizations to content templates – if you need to replicate pages, but a few must have special features.
  3. Custom templates – when you need certain pages to look unique and totally different from the layout of other pages on your website.

About content templates

Let’s say you run an e-commerce site with similar products that are each displayed on their own page. You want to help site users navigate your website, so you need to maintain consistency – but you don’t want to “recreate the wheel” with each product page you post. No worries! Using Layout Builder, you can take one content template and replicate it for hundreds of pages of content: A benefit that helps you save time and energy if you have a large-scale website.

About customizations to content templates

If your website requires page replication, but some of those pages will need custom features, Layout Builder allows you to rearrange the layout. This way, you can add visual interest to your web pages – and additional functionality – without losing the consistency that helps your customers navigate your site. You can provide additional content without detracting from the user experience.

About custom templates

Not all the pages on your website will look the same, based on the information you need to share. Product pages, for example, require consistency, but other pages, such as your Contact Us page, will provide different information and thus require a different layout. Have no fear – Layout Builder also helps you do this. You can design a web page and add blocks for different types of content, including videos, text, maps, images and widgets.

Feeling up to the task?

With page design features soon to be available, Drupal continues as a top choice with website developers. However, if you feel your design skills aren’t what they could be, it helps to work with a website development company. This way, you can rest assured your website will deliver exactly the customer experience you desire, and you can focus on running your business.

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