Goal setting is key to reaching your future plans. When it comes to your career, it helps to follow in the steps of subject matter experts. You can learn from their expertise and recommendations, and take their advice as you plan for next steps.

TED talks are formal discussions from industry experts on select topics. They are designed to educate, enlighten and motivate listeners, and are available on just about any topic. To get your 2019 started out right, we’ve chosen five inspirational TED talks to motivate you for the New Year.

Simply tune in during your commute, lunch break or free time, invest a few moments, and get inspired!

  1. Setting the right goals for the year. How do your goals pave the way to success? You can learn what really makes a difference when you’re setting “meaningful and audacious” goals, and what system to follow to set and execute on your goals. A quick hint: you must first understand why you’re setting the goals in the first place. Kick back and learn more from John Doerr, a key speaker at TED 2018.
  2. “Fail mindfully” and learn from both success and failure. To achieve great things, you can’t be afraid of failure – as long as you learn and grow from your mistakes. Throughout history, failure hasn’t been looked upon kindly, but punishing failure stifles innovation. With the pain of failure readily apparent through channels such as social media, it’s time to meet personal failures with more understanding, but also learning and inspiration. Listen as Leticia Gasca explains her failed business, what she learned from it, and how you can find inspiration when at first you don’t succeed.
  3. Finding new ideas at the edge of what is known or conventional. How do great minds achieve what they achieve? The more astounding ideas are, the more we consider the creator a genius. Vittorio Loretto, a physicist, argues that to come up with new ideas others can’t conceive, you must ask the right questions—and it helps to question everything you currently accept as fact. This is because to come up with something brand new, there’s no guidelines to take you there—you must develop the guidelines. Check out this TED talk to learn more!
  4. “Superpowers” of design. What do furniture designers teach us about the role of the creative process in problem solving? Speaker and designer Kevin Bethune presents information about how design helps us unlock solutions to our problems and achieve success in business. To leverage design to its fullest potential, it helps to understand the four “superpowers” of design—are these skills you can plan to develop in 2019?
  5. What machine learning can teach you about how teams grow together. How do machines learn? As we move toward a more automated future, speaker Drew Humphreys, an ex-Marine commander, found an interesting connection between how Marines learn versus how machines learn. During one mission, he found himself acting more as a coach than a commander, and helped his reports exceed expectations by teaching them leadership skills. He challenges you to consider how leadership is important to empower yourself at all levels of business.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

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