When it comes to the websites of colleges and universities, many of these entities rely on Drupal as their platform of choice. Why? Because Drupal offers multiple advantages that suit higher education sites –security and ease of use being two of the leading benefits.

If you’re in search of a platform on which to build your next website for the education industry, Drupal may be just what you’re looking for.

The six biggest benefits of working with Drupal

The platform that supports your website is a big decision – it allows you to design and maintain the public face of your institution. The look and functionality of your site impacts everything from enrollment of students to brand recognition, and much more.

In 2019, the success of any business rests heavily on its online presence and digital performance. It’s always smart to choose a platform that enables you to meet the unique needs of your business sector. Consider all the following benefits of working with Drupal:

  • Security. Personal information collected on higher education sites must be kept secure. One of the top reasons for using Drupal is that sites built on the platform benefit from regular security updates and strict checks that make it difficult for hackers to tap into.
  • Multi-site support. Need to host more than one website to accommodate multiple departments and branches? No problem. Drupal allows you to build and maintain as many sites as you wish. This is a major benefit for schools with complex content management needs.
  • Varying permission control. The platform also allows varying levels of access for all the users who access your site. This includes individual contributors, site administrators, professors, students and other site visitors.
  • Scalability. Like any business, you want your school to grow. And as you tack on more content, sites and users, Drupal gives you the ability to quickly and easily evolve your website to larger and larger proportions. If your content management structure needs to grow in the future, your Drupal website can grow with you.
  • Easy content creation. Site contributors have access to templates, which make it easy to upload and manage content, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This makes it easy to host an attractive, modern site and make ongoing edits to keep it current.
  • Mobile capabilities. The world runs on smartphones and mobile devices. Many current and prospective students may navigate your site on mobile, and Drupal allows you to provide content that’s responsive and mobile-optimized.

Take the time to make an educated decision

Before making any big decision, it helps to weight the pros, but also the cons. Any decision that impacts your business’ reputation is worth taking the time to do right.

Looking for experts to build your next Drupal website?

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