Your website is the first place many customers will find you. In fact, the majority of consumers will base your brand and your reputation on their impression of your website.

In short, you can’t afford to maintain an outdated website – it’s important to keep up with the status quo. The Drupal development experts at RightWorks are ready to help you build a cutting-edge website consistent with today’s best practices.

Ten modern website trends

2019 has ushered in new means to keep your website high-functioning and visually appealing:

  1. Positive user experience (UX). Users have certain needs when it comes to website navigation. They want to be able to easily find what they need, and quickly and easily fill out a form or cash out. If you require too many steps or information is too hard to find due to poor UX design, visitors will leave and your website – and business – may suffer.
  2. A clean design. Many modern-looking websites have something in common: they use a lot of white space. Areas on each web page free from graphics and text help guide a reader’s eye to the most important elements of the page.
  3. Distinguishing and original visuals. Rather than relying on stock images and art, many companies are focusing on pulling ahead of the competition with customized graphics and illustrations.
  4. Bold, contrasting colors. After all, this is a perfect way to catch the attention of viewers. Vibrant hues and gradients – used sparingly, of course – help to increase engagement on your site.
  5. Limited color. In direct contrast to the concept of bold colors are sites that feature just one color in addition to either black or white. This can add drama to a website and make it stand out.
  6. Mobile integration. As the world relies more and more on smartphones and mobile devices, and especially with Google ranking dependent on mobile compatibility, your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive, adapting to varying screen sizes.
  7. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a video is a series of pictures…you get the idea! Viewers love watching videos, and will spend more time on your site if you have them. If you would like to add video to your website, make sure it tells the story of your company and does not adversely impact load time on site.
  8. “Broken grid” layouts. A web page’s grid determines where elements fall on the page. When a grid is structured, elements line up evenly. But modern web designs include asymmetrical grids, which give a more interesting appearance to web pages.
  9. Organic shapes. Rather than standard squares, rectangles and circles as design elements, websites are now featuring more fluid, “organic” shapes to add visual variety.
  10. Experimental typography. As coding gets more complex, so can the typography of a website—making it more artsy in nature.

 How will your website set your business apart in 2019?

An interesting, beautiful and easy-to-use site will help you win and maintain customers, represent your brand, and stay ahead of your competition. By staying on top of the ten trends above when designing a new website or updating your current one, you can build a website that benefits your business and stands out from the competition!

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