Your brand is everything. It influences how consumers perceive your company and the products or services you provide. Think about brands you’re loyal to. Those companies have pulled out all the stops to influence how the public perceives them through careful marketing, advertisements, customer service – and their website, among many other important factors.

Web design impacts how your site looks and functions, which is a huge part of your brand. It’s a reflection of what it’s like to work with you, and what your company stands for. The way you design your website can be an advantage that keeps you top-of-mind with consumers, or a stumbling block if you’re not careful.

Three advantages of strategic web design

The elements you incorporate into your web design are an important reflection of your brand. By paying careful attention to the following, you can catch the eye of potential customers and build your brand reputation.

Bring your value proposition front and center

What is your company all about? This is important, because many people shop with companies that align with their personal beliefs and values. Your value proposition is a short statement that gives more information about your business, what you represent and what you offer. It should let potential customers know why they should shop with you. And visitors shouldn’t have to search hard to find your value prop—keep it on the home page, right near the top search bar.

Consider emotional response

Color, imagery and iconography can all help stir emotions in your site visitors – and endear them to your brand. Think about the way certain colors make you feel: Bright yellows and oranges can make you feel energized, while soft greens and blues might make you feel relaxed.

What background images, photos and videos help convey the mission and vision of your brand? Natural icons (like animals and trees) can be more meaningful to consumers than icons related to business, finances or other non-living things. You should consider how you want your audience to feel when they think of your brand, and how to convey this through the design of your site.

Be consistent

Consistency is everything when you’re attempting to establish your brand. This will make you memorable because consumers will have something consistent to attach to your brand name. It also impacts site performance. All pages of your website should follow the same look, feel and voice –through design elements and content. You can reuse code for repeat visuals and elements throughout your site, which makes navigation easier users to understand.

Time spent on the back end is worth it to build your brand!

Building a great website can seem tedious. But when you begin to see your reputation and profit margins soar, you’ll be glad you took pains to make it the very best.

If you need to upgrade your site and don’t have the time or resources, reach out to RightWorks. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and build a site that converts. To learn more, contact us today!