When developing your website, a clean design is your best choice. Why? Aside from being visually attractive, sites free from clutter are easier for users to navigate — which is good for your business. It helps ensure site visitors will stick around and perform desired actions, whether it’s contacting you or completing a sale.

Clean web designs are minimalist—with simple fonts and layouts, only necessary content, easy-to-access information and minimum steps required to complete actions.

Four ways to incorporate clean design principles

When building or revamping your website, the following tips can help you keep your web design clean:

  1. Take advantage of white space. Often, it’s the space without content that matters most on your website. Remember that less is more to please the eye of site visitors. By incorporating white “negative space” that is free from content, it helps to draw attention to, and emphasize, content and graphic elements on each of your web pages. It can also have a soothing effect on the eyes of the reader, a welcome respite from the onslaught of too much content or a complicated layout.
  2. Choose colors carefully. Be purposeful with your color scheme selection. In many cases, bold colors that contrast and balance well with your white space are the best choice. Some websites opt for just a few colors in their chosen palette, which can give a clean and dramatic effect to their website. Too wide of a color range can make your site visually confusing to site visitors and cause them to abandon their mission before they’ve spent any time exploring your site.
  3. Simple layout and navigation. Don’t overwhelm visitors with too many boxes, dropdowns, links and other design elements. Your layout should make it easy to draw attention to key information, as well as understand how to navigate your site. Buttons and lists that aid in navigation should be easy to find, with obvious placement on every page—it shouldn’t take a design degree to locate information on your site! The fewer clicks to get to desired information (such as a shopping cart), the better.
  4. Easy-to-find call-to-action buttons. What actions do you want people to perform once they land on your website? Whether it’s finding contact information, directions or completing a sale, buttons that make desired actions easy are your best bet on a clean, straight-forward website.

Keep it simple!

With users viewing your website on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, a clean, simple design ensures the best user experience.

Need help?

If you’re on board with a minimalist approach, but don’t have the design team to get it done, RightWorks can help! We’re a website support company that helps our clients create and maintain a successful online presence. To learn more, contact us today!