Does your website keep you up at night? It’s a very important part of your marketing strategy – your current and potential customers may base their loyalty on your web presence. It’s how you represent your brand and keep up with your competition. But regular maintenance is necessary and can be difficult if you don’t have the right resources in place to make timely updates.

The less frequently you keep pace with platform upgrades, the harder it will be for potential visitors to find your site and for website visitors to convert. In short, your website can cause you continual stress – but it doesn’t have to. You can rely on tech support and rest assured your web presence is ready for visitors any time, any day.

What a website support company offers

Website support offers a variety of services to meet your needs. These can include: updating software, improving website speed, backing up files, repairing coding errors, repairing broken links, developing new content, search engine optimization, reviewing and updating for design consistency and analyzing website traffic.

Advantages of a website support company

Aside from improving your sleep, the services of a website support company provide additional value:

  • Save time. Whether your platform is easy or difficult to use, the task of website maintenance takes time from your day, plain and simple. The assistance of a website support company makes web management much easier. They keep up with platform upgrades, while you recommend content revisions – and move on with your day!
  • Save money. Time IS money. Time you spend toiling on your website is time you don’t have to invest into running your business. Putting your updates in the hands of the experts improves the efficiency and timeliness of maintenance.
  • Preserve your brand. When your site becomes outdated and loses functionality or goes down all together, visitors to your page get the impression you’re out of touch. This can impact their trust in your product or services. But a fresh, modern web presence helps establish you as a modern company that cares about the customer experience.
  • Win customers. Prospects who can find your online, learn about your business, shop for your products, contact you, schedule an appointment, make a reservation, etc., are one step closer to becoming loyal, lifetime customers.
  • Close sales. If yours is an e-commerce business, you can move shoppers toward the checkout with an easy-to-navigate, up-to-date site.

Act now and sleep better!

If you’re in need of guidance when it comes to website design, development and maintenance – a website support company may be just what you need. And RightWorks can help! We’ll work with you to understand your web needs and get your site up to your standards in no time. To learn more, contact us today.