Does your website have what it takes to attract and delight consumers? If the answer is yes, you’ll be able to maintain current customers, win new ones, increase conversions and establish your brand as one consumers can trust. It all starts with your platform. If you’ve chosen Drupal as your platform of choice, you’re one step closer to delivering the user experience demanded by site visitors.

Creating the best user experience

This has to do with every interaction users have when they visit your site. And there are a few key factors you’ll need to pay attention to:

  • Design — Is it clean, attractive and easy to read?
  • Loading speed — Users expect lightning-fast speeds, especially when viewing by phone or mobile device.
  • Easy navigation — This includes short, intuitive pathways, and easy-to-find buttons and links.
  • Strategic information — Including limited text, purposeful images, video and your mission.
  • Consistency — All pages should be structured in the same way, to make navigation intuitive.
  • Responsiveness — Across multiple devices and screen sizes.

With Drupal as your platform, you can address all the above and more. Drupal has the capabilities to provide the functionality and design your website needs to impress site visitors.

Five user experience advantages with Drupal

Drupal 8 (and eventually Drupal 9—coming soon!) is a leading content management system because it offers impressive capabilities for designing a winning user experience. With this popular platform, you gain the following advantages:

  1. Mobile optimization. Drupal allows you to adjust your website to respond to various user devices. No matter if visitors are viewing your site through desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, they will receive the same experience and functionality.
  2. Speedy performance. As one of the most efficient platforms for enhanced page speed and caching features, Drupal helps you meet consumer needs and reduce abandonment rates due to lagging page loads.
  3. Translation capabilities. Want to take your business global? Drupal allows you to translate content based on a user’s geographic location.
  4. Social media integration. By incorporating social buttons on your website, you can share your content and build a wider audience. Drupal makes it easy to integrate social elements into your web pages.
  5. Resources to test performance. Wondering how your site is performing? Drupal allows you to run A/B split tests to determine site performance, for insight into possible improvements.

Got design questions?

Let’s say Drupal is your preferred platform, but you’re not quite sure how to maximize performance. If that’s the case, it can help to work with a website support company. Whether you need help with select questions or full website development, you’ll get the support and guidance you need.

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