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Your IT needs are unique to your company, as are your hiring processes. That's why at RightWorks, we endeavor to provide you with staffing solutions that are tailored to those needs, narrowing the candidate pool to give you the best possible workers for your open position.

Industry Knowledge and Developer Hiring Practice

When you're working with a staffing company to find IT candidates, you want a company that knows the field: someone who can examine candidates for their suitability, not just for your company, but for the specific position that you have open. In an industry filled with certifications and education options, you need a company that can determine exactly which candidates actually have the hard skills you need in order to keep those positions running smoothly. At the same time, you want a staffing company that will adapt to fit in with your existing hiring practices--and at RightWorks, we're committed to doing exactly that. We know what makes a good IT resource because we have hired them for over 10 years and will do our best to evaluate candidates' genuine suitability before passing their resumes on to you for a final decision.

Fill Your Positions with Ease

29 %

Development Positions

25 %

PM and BA Positions

46 %

Other IT Positions

At RightWorks, we know that you want a staffing agency that has experience working with the various fields in which you genuinely need assistance. We're familiar with and have placed individuals in a wide range of positions for a wide number of companies, including companies like NBC Universal, SONY, and Aol. While this list encompasses some of the placements where we have experience, we can staff for any position.

Focus Areas

  • QA
  • SDET
  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Network Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Field Service Engineers
  • DevOps
  • UI Designers
  • UX Designers

Why RightWorks?

You know that you want an IT staffing company that will work with the specific needs of your organization. How can you know that RightWorks is the right fit for you? We offer a wide range of services that will help ensure that you've made the right choice for filling each open IT position in your business--especially if you aren't in an IT field. We're also committed to providing all on-shore talent: no H1B candidates remain in our pool thanks to the increased time, expense, and commitment required to bring them in.

At RightWorks, we’ll combine the best of both worlds: access to a wide pool of candidates who have exactly the skills you need for your position and the kind of detailed, personal service that you’d expect from a small business. Whether you have a large business or a small one, you’ll get the attention of one of our amazing associates as they get to know more about your business and the types of employees who will be most successful there. We’re so sure of our placements that we’ll offer you a guarantee: if they leave your company for any reason within the first 30 days of employment, we’ll replace them for free!

Finding people to fill IT positions in non-technical companies can be a challenge. At RightWorks, we have access to a wide talent pool, including individuals who might never see your open job postings. More importantly, we focus on finding on-shore talent that is ready to move into your open positions. Offshore hiring can lead to increased expense and paperwork as you try to move candidates in. With RightWorks, you’ll get talent that has the right certifications to start work immediately.

When you’re moving a staffing agency into your hiring process, you want someone who will integrate seamlessly with your existing process, rather than forcing you to adapt to fit their needs. When you choose RightWorks, you’re also choosing flexible options that will allow you to more efficiently integrate IT staffing services into your existing hiring process. We’ll be as involved in the process as you want us to be, from conducting background checks and our initial interviews to helping you select the perfect candidate for your position.

Rightworks 8 Step Process

The process for choosing candidates through RightWorks is simple. Through this process, we believe that you'll get higher-quality candidates and, as a result, better employees who are a more exact fit for your business. We're committed to communicating throughout the recruitment process. We deliver a single account manager who is responsible for handling all of your staffing needs, ensuring a deeper understanding of exactly what your company needs. This includes a personal touch, customized services designed specifically for your business, and clear and frequent communication throughout every stage of the process.


During the discovery stage, we'll work with you to learn more about your company and the candidates who will be an ideal fit for your team. We'll discuss the hard skills you need, the soft skills you want, and the personality types that will fit best within your existing environment. We take the time to learn every company's culture individually, including learning more about your existing staffing processes. Some companies, for example, require at least two candidates to be presented for every open position--and we'll work within those requirements to help your staffing needs move more smoothly.

Fielding Candidates

Our goal is to pull together the most qualified candidates in the field for your open IT positions. We'll use our own extensive pool of candidates combined with job boards and other postings in an effort to find the best candidates for your company. We work to truly understand your hiring program and will cater the candidates you're provided to that program, whether that means delivering a minimum number of candidates for each open position or choosing candidates who are willing to take the time necessary to work through a longer hiring process.


Before we decide that a candidate is a good fit, we want to know more about them. We'll evaluate all the key details, including:

  • Work history
  • Earning history
  • Authorization to work
  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • Community contributions (from code to volunteer work)

RightWorks Interview

Before we recommend any candidate, we sit down with them for a face-to-face interview. This allows our IT recruiting team to both get to know the candidates better and to truly qualify them as an effective candidate. We personally verify resumes and ensure that candidates genuinely have the tech skills they claim. There's nothing more frustrating than making it through a phone interview, only to discover that when a candidate is handed a tech problem to solve, they're unable to present those skills. Our company will take care of that screening for you to ensure that when you have a candidate in place, you know they have the right skills for your job.

Company Interview

When the time comes for you to interview available candidates, we'll work together to find time in your schedule to conduct both phone and face-to-face interviews.


This is one of the most valuable stages of the process. We'll listen to you to discover what adjustments we need to make both to our staffing process and to the candidates we're sending your way for this or future positions. Feedback helps to deepen our relationship with your company, making each round of interviews more effective than the last.


We'll take care of all of the paperwork and other key details that will move your new hire into place as efficiently as possible.


At RightWorks, the job isn't done just because we've placed a candidate! We'll follow up with both you and your new employee to ensure that they're a great fit for your company and that they are filling all of your needs. This post-placement connection will enable us to provide support for your new employee, learn more about your staffing needs, and replace employees who simply aren't working out.

If you have open IT positions in your company, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about how we can streamline the process and getting a candidate into your open position as well as giving you better candidates who are able to fulfill their job tasks with excellence.

1: Discovery
2: Fielding Candidates
3: Screening
4: RightWorks Interview
5: Company Interview
6: Feedback
7: Placement
8: Post-Placement

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