You have applied to countless job opportunities across websites and job boards. You’ve reached out to professional connections to find out about open positions, even before they hit the open market. Still, you haven’t been able to outrace the pack and secure an offer for the new IT position you’re hustling for.

If you’re currently in search of a programming job, you may be experiencing the frustration of the hiring process. You may simply be searching for open positions, submitting your application and resume, then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. Unfortunately, the tech world is ultra-competitive, so you need to make yourself stand out. You can do this by showing your potential value to a company.

Three innovative steps toward your next programming job

To get out there and get noticed, you need to get a little creative. Once you’ve found a company you’d like to work for and an available job opening, do the following:

  1. Complete a project for them—before you’re hired. Why not show your skills hands-on? It makes it much easier for a hiring manager to see how well you’d fit with the company. To do this, do some online research to uncover a pain point the company may be facing. What programming challenge could you potentially solve? Then, review the job description to see what programming software the company uses. Next, work on a self-guided project using their preferred software. Working on a project like this with your hiring manager can help showcase your ability to solve problems in a certain position.
  2. Bulk up your online presence. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and highlights all your experience and skills. It makes sense to showcase skills in your profile which are required or preferred for the job in which you’re interested. Request references that will back up your talents, and update your profile picture. Have a new photo professionally taken, if possible.
  3. Network and make new connections. It’s easy to make connections on LinkedIn, so reach out to people who work at the company you’d like to work at. Join LinkedIn groups and participate in professional conversations that help you show your expertise. Attend tech meetups, conferences, user group meetings, hackathons and other industry events, especially when hosted by the company you’d like to work at.

If you need more help, work with a recruiter

An IT recruiter will help you find and apply to jobs perfectly matched to your skill set. If you’re in search of your next programming job and coming up short, a recruiter is a valuable partner in your job hunt.

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