If you’re a programmer feeling stagnated in your job, your next promotion may be largely up to you. By taking the right steps and helping your company through its pain points, you can move into the realm of business operations. By proving your value, and commitment to helping your company succeed, you have a good platform for why your boss should move you ahead.

Your opportunity—and how to seize it

Your best shot is to work hard to make a difference in one of the following three areas, which tech companies often struggle with.

  • Tracking and measuring progress. For a company to understand how well its tools and applications are working, it needs a way to log data and measure progress. You can help your business by thinking through key initiatives, such as raising awareness of the need for logging and metrics, determining ways to improve the way your company logs progress, and helping ensure the data used to measure progress is accurate.
  • Product functionality and development. Does your company have staff dedicated to the ongoing function and development of its current products? If not, you can fill this much-needed role using your knowlege as a programmer. What do you know about your customers’ needs? How could your business further improve product features and service to better meet market demands?
  • Improved lead times. From coding to production, is your company able to deliver on customer- and self-imposed deadlines? If you see ways your company could improve its systems, automation and teamwork to improve lead times, you can help increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Consult with your manager

Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss what you’ve noticed and how you propose to make improvements. Outline step-by-step what you intend to do and how it will help the company. Once your plan is successfully underway, you can meet again to review your progress and propose a change in your role.

Map out your career goals by working with a recruiter

A staffing agency can also be a valuable partner if you’re looking to move your IT career forward. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your career needs and recommend a transition that’s right for you. Over time, you can build a relationship with recruiters who develop an innate understanding of your talents and your career trajectory.

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