Many companies choose not to work with IT recruiting agencies for one simple reason. They’ve bought into the recruiting myths about staffing agencies.

So, if you’ve been struggling with whether or not to use an IT recruiting firm for your company, it’s time to challenge the misconceptions.

Below, learn about how you can benefit from a staffing firm that’s dedicated to meeting your staffing needs and helping you create a thriving workplace.

Myth #1

Recruiting companies won’t know the specific qualifications that you need for your staff. The IT field is a broad one, and often, there are many certifications or types of experience that mean the same thing (or at least very similar ones). If you work with a recruiting firm, you’ll miss out on highly-qualified candidates simply because they don’t have the exact certification you’re requesting.

The Reality

When you work with an IT staffing firm, you’ll get a qualified agency that understands exactly what you need from your candidates. They won’t just skim resumes or put them through a search that’s intended to sort out specific certifications. Instead, they’ll take a solid look at the qualifications you really need and ensure that your candidates are pre-screened. You won’t have to waste your time in those early stages of the process.

Myth #2

Working with an IT staffing company is too expensive. You’re already burning money trying to bring new employees into your firm. You don’t have the money to burn to work with a staffing company right now.

The Reality

Working with an IT recruiting agency doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on the training necessary to bring on a new employee, it may take $4,000 or significantly more to add a new employee to your company. There are also lost hours that could have been spent on other tasks and a wide range of other expenses that can quickly add up. By working with an IT staffing firm, you’re able to streamline the process, reducing the amount of time and money that your company has to spend on hiring a new employee.

Myth #3

You’ll be able to access plenty of great candidates on your own. You don’t need a recruiting agency to take care of it for you. With a wide network of resources, you can easily reach out to potential candidates. You don’t really need a recruitment agency, right?

The Reality

IT staffing firms often have access to candidates that you might not have been able to find on your own. In many cases, they’ll be able to help you make connections that you wouldn’t make if you went through the hiring process on your own. Not only that, your IT recruiting firm may be able to access candidates with unique skills that are hard to find. They’ll make it easier for you to find the top talent in your niche.

Myth #4

You can use software to move you through the recruiting process more efficiently than a staffing firm. Why bother using a recruiting agency when you can let a program do it for you?

The Reality

While you can use software to help narrow down potential candidates, an IT recruiting company will be able to move through that process more efficiently. Not only that, your IT staffing firm will do a better job of evaluating potential candidates and ensuring that you get the best possible ones for your open positions. A personal touch can make a big difference in your overall recruiting efforts.

Myth #5

All you need is a great job description to bring in your own recruits. You’ll have no trouble finding the right candidates for your open position.

The Reality

While a great job description can help interest candidates in the positions you have open at your business, you need more than just a great job description to help you meet your goals. A recruiting company can do several things that a passive job description can’t:

  • A good recruiter will help sell the open position;
  • They’ll make contact with candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job;
  • And they’ll make connections that your job description alone wouldn’t be able to make.

Myth #6

Recruiters are just interested in filling open positions. They don’t care about making sure that they have the best candidates for your position. They just want to put someone in the role so that they’ll get paid.

The Reality

A good IT staffing firm cares about more than just filling a position with the first available body. They also want to ensure that you get the candidate who is right for your business. This includes evaluating existing candidates’ skills and personalities to determine if they’ll be a good fit for your company culture. It also means making sure that those employees thrive once they’ve been moved into the position. After all, if you’re not happy with your staffing company, you’ll be less likely to use them in the future.

Myth #7

The best employees don’t want to or have to work with recruitment agencies. They don’t have any trouble getting jobs, so they’re looking for them on their own, not registering with a recruitment agency to find their future job.

The Reality

While top talent in your field may often move jobs passively, slowly finding better positions that will work better for them, they’re also working with recruitment firms to help them find those positions. The top talent in your field doesn’t necessarily have time to browse job boards looking for potential open positions. In many cases, they’ll submit their resumes to recruitment agencies who bring the best jobs in their fields to them.

Streamline Your Hiring Process By Debunking Recruiting Myths

In conclusion, finding the best people for your open positions is easier and faster with a recruitment agency. By debunking these recruiting myths behind the hiring process, you’ll be in a better position to get the right candidates.

Ready to work with an IT recruiting agency that knows the ins and outs of your industry? Contact us today to find the candidates you need for your open position.