Pop quiz: what’s like a job fair, industry webinar, think tank and free luncheon all rolled into one? That would be a user group meeting! Sure, you’re pretty smart when it comes to your job, but a funny thing happens when you get together with others in your profession – you gain new insights, and this helps fresh ideas grow within your mind. And that’s not all.

Five benefits of user group meetings

Think of it like this. When you’re in art school, you study the techniques of The Masters – how did they bring a field of sunflowers to life? How did they change our perception of the human form? When you’re a writer, you read the works of The Greats – what word choices did they use? From whose perspective is the story told? By studying how someone else’s mind deciphered incoming information and the world around them, you become inspired in your own career – be it art, writing… or even IT. In this way, user groups are like a mini version of college… and more!

  1. Learn something new. Either become inspired by someone in your field, or bring your questions and get them answered. Why sit around spinning your wheels when the solution could be just a meeting away? With a user group, you can pick other Big Brains and get closer to your next Big Idea.
  2. Find out about new vendors and products. What products are up-and-coming that could change life as you know it? If your company has been working with the same equipment for a while, it may help to learn what else is out there. After all, technology is constantly evolving.
  3. You may be happy with your current job, or you maybe not so much. Either way, it’s good to see what else is out there by talking to your peers. You can make new friends or rub elbows with potential employers. The bigger your professional circle, the closer you get to your dream job.
  4. Get free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Be honest—doesn’t the promise of free food or a free book sound just a little enticing? User group meetings will often come complete with lunch, a snack or swag of some sort.
  5. Become better at what you do. Hey you—yeah, you! We see you sitting behind that computer, dreaming of becoming the next tech superstar. Why not put yourself out there and learn more about your profession? Nobody puts Baby in the corner—so get out there and make your mark!

Just do it!

Join a user group meeting and get one step closer to your future… or your next lunch. But whatever your reason, it’s worth your time to find and attend one.

How about your IT career?

User group meetings are one way to get ahead in your career, and working with a recruiter is another. To learn more, contact RightWorks today!