Working with an IT staffing agency has a number of clear benefits. But you already have a hiring program in place and you’re afraid that changing it would mean substantial shifts in many of your existing hiring processes.

The reality, however, is that a staffing agency can work effectively with your existing hiring programs, complementing the process and ensuring that you will be able to continue with your existing program while still receiving all the benefits of an IT staffing agency.

Understanding Your Needs

Many people fear that the goal of a staffing agency is simply to move someone, anyone, from their lists into your open positions. The reality, however, is that high-quality staffing agencies want to provide the right candidate for your business. Successful hires will bring you back to the staffing agency for your future needs, while a string of unsuccessful hires who won’t stay with your company long-term will make you more likely to seek your candidates elsewhere in the future.

To that end, RightWorks will work with you to discover many of your key needs, including:

How long you’ll need a specific type of employee

Are you looking for a temporary employee to fill a short-term need during a busy season or a long-term employee whose goal is to stick with your company for years?

Your company culture

What values are important to your company? What’s the dynamic like between colleagues? How do you approach interdepartmental communications?

Requirements for each open position

This may include experience or certifications that aren’t detailed in your usual job postings.

The goal, when working with a company, is to discover exactly what they need in their ideal candidate, then find someone who is able to fit their needs as closely as possible. By narrowing your requirements, you’ll be able to create a narrower candidate pool filled with individuals who are more likely to meet the needs of your open position.

Your Existing Hiring Program And Onboarding Process

Your company has its own unique hiring and onboarding process. And working with an IT staffing firm won’t necessarily change that process. We’ll work with you to discover more about your open positions and how you’ll bring candidates into them, including:

Your timeline

How long does it take you to move from the interview stage to actually hiring candidates? How quickly do you need to fill your open position? T, since this may change the candidates who are the best fit for you.

Your training

When you bring a candidate into a new position, how much training do you typically provide? Do you have someone already in the department or an employee who is leaving the company who can help explain key quirks? Or do you need an employee who is ready to jump in and get started with little to no guidance?

Your interview process

How many rounds of interviews do candidates need in order to be hired by your company? Who will candidates interview with? If you have an existing IT team, for example, you might choose to hold a final round of interviews with the existing team to help you determine which candidates will be the best personality fit for your team.

An effective IT staffing firm, like RightWorks, will work within your existing hiring process. We’ll provide you with the candidates who are in the best position to move smoothly through that process; you can continue with your existing interviews and process so that you’ll be able to hire with confidence.

Meanwhile, RightWorks will take care of narrowing down the candidate pool. This saves you time and money that could otherwise have been spent sifting through stacks of unqualified resumes or interviewing candidates who simply lack the skills needed by your company.

Our hiring process doesn’t take away from yours. Rather, it adds to it. We provide background checks, reference checks, and better awareness of community involvement and other attributes of the new hire.

Post-Hiring Help

Working with an IT staffing firm shouldn’t end the moment you sign a contract for a new hire. RightWorks understands that. Not only will we carefully place candidates with your company, we’ll work with you throughout the onboarding process to ensure that your candidates are able to effectively take on the job responsibilities outlined in their contracts. We’ll stay in contact with your new hire even when they’re on the job, asking key questions like:

  • Is there anything they need in order to perform their job more effectively?
  • Do they understand the training and requirements that they’ve been given, or is more help needed in order to proceed?
  • Do they have any information that could make it easier to fit candidates with the company in the future?

As each candidate moves into their position with your company, RightWorks will develop a better understanding of how your company works. And we’ll provide the tools that will help you hire better candidates in the future.

These post-hiring interviews allow us to better assess your company. Not only can we provide high-quality positions for our future candidates, but we’re in a better position to provide for the specific needs of your company.

Also, new hires are guaranteed at RightWorks. If a candidate leaves within the first 30 days of working for your company for any reason, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Why Work With An IT Staffing Firm?

Working with an IT staffing firm is particularly important if you need to fill IT positions in a non-technical company. As an IT firm, we fully understand the specific requirements of technical positions, including:

  • How certifications and experience translate to one another, and how that can work within your open positions;
  • Experience needed to handle the job responsibilities associated with your open IT position; and
  • What candidates need in order to fit better within your firm.

If you have open IT positions in your company, contact us. RightWorks is ready to work within your hiring program to ensure that you get high-quality candidates. We’ll find candidates who are prepared to handle the job responsibilities associated with your open position, all while saving you time and money. Don’t waste another minute digging through stacks of resumes or looking for another place to post an open job. Let us bring the candidates to you!