The world of technology continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace. Continuing education is important in any career field, but especially in one this fast-paced. So as 2018 approaches a close and 2019 begins to sneak in, have you planned your learning goals? A good place to start is by reviewing the tech trends that emerged in 2018.

Form your 2019 learning plan around these top six trends

Techies near and far applauded the following new developments this year:

  1. Smarter everything. Artificial Intelligence technology is getting more and more popular in any and every possible product already considered “smart”: phones, watches, computers, TVs and cars. The industry is working hard to make products more intuitive and easier to use than ever before, and soon this may even include cities. Imagine visiting a city that incorporated sensors and alerts to make things easier to do, like finding a parking spot?
  2. Augmented reality. Virtual reality may be an old concept. But Augmented Reality, which layers computer-generated images onto an already-existing real world view, is quickly gaining traction as the Next Big Thing. AR can enhance everything from gaming to education or even medicine, and applications are continuing development.
  3. Health and sports sensors. The healthcare industry doesn’t want to miss out on tech opportunities and is partnering with the tech companies on devices that make consumers better aware of their health. Easy-to-use data sensors for measuring heart rate, blood pressure and more are gaining popularity. Add to this list devices to boost athletic performance—like a golf club that can help you improve your swing—and watch sports and health technology grow, side by side.
  4. Robots to hang out with. Sure, robots are a go-to for helping us do tasks. But what about entertainment and companionship? In 2018, tech developers questioned the concept of the human-robot relationship, with some robots even showing facial expressions.
  5. Facial recognition capabilities. It’s not just something out of a sci-fi movie! The iPhone X introduced this concept to the world, and facial recognition continues to be a big deal in the tech world.
  6. Cord-free charging. Who needs to be tethered to a bulky charging cord to amp up phone and device power? Why not work with wireless charging, which would send power to multiple devices through the air!

Get ahead in 2019

Make plans to brush up on any of the above concepts to stay agile and marketable in the new year. As you make your plans for the near future, look for IT positions that begin to incorporate these new concepts. Find a new project that pushes the boundaries of your skills as a professional!

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