Talent wars rage on, and employers and hiring managers must suit up and gather ammo to get the right IT workers in the right positions. In your arsenal, you have the option of redeployment—holding onto contract IT staff and simply reassigning them to additional projects within your company. If this sounds greedy, don’t be alarmed… redeployment definitely has its upside. All you need to do is work with your staffing agency to keep ample IT troops on the front lines.

To redeploy or not to redeploy?

Good talent can be hard to find. But what’s more challenging is finding candidates with the right qualifications who match with your company culture. Once you’ve worked with contract candidates on an assignment or two, you’ve invested time into training, and helping them become familiar with your company. Plus, you’re familiar with the caliber of work they can produce and their skill set, so reassignment to another project is much easier than with a “new kid.” Redeployment saves you time and headaches… plus, you may find yourself sleeping a little easier at night knowing you’ve matched the right person to a new task. Progress will continue as usual without the hiccup of having to find new talent.

Other advantages

The image of a company culture that reinvests in its current workers, rather than looking around for the next new IT hotshot, is a plus for employee productivity. You can show your contract workers (who may already feel as if they’re on the outside looking in) that hard work is rewarded by longevity with the company. That simply motivates your workers to do a great job.

Extended use of the contract workers supplied by your staffing agency also helps you build a solid relationship with your recruiter. It sends the message that they’ve made a winning match and this is a person you want to hold onto for a bit longer.

What to consider

If your plan is to redeploy a current contract worker, you just need to talk to your recruiter. Technically, that person is still employed by the staffing agency, and your recruiter will need to handle paperwork and other logistics. However, in some ways, you’ve helped your recruiter do his or her job—by finding a new assignment the contract person will like.

Looking for an ally in the talent war?

If you don’t already work with a staffing agency and you’re finding it hard to find the IT candidates you need—contact RightWorks. We’ll work with you to source and place IT talent you want to redeploy again and again… and again.