Imagine you’re in a rock band and you’re talking to someone in line for your morning coffee. You say, “I’m in a rock band” and they say, “What is your music like?” You can describe it for them—“It’s like a combination of classic rock meets new wave, but with a hint of thrash metal and just a little punk”—but this only takes you so far, because everyone interprets information in their own way.

Now, think about how different it would be if this person met you at a set break during one of your shows. They would have a clear understanding of what your band is all about, without you having to put it into words. Better, right?

Why to show people what you can do—rather than just telling them

Now, when you’re looking for a new job, you have some resources at your fingertips. Of course, you have the classic resume and the quickly-becoming-classic LinkedIn profile—you have to have these things. But there’s more you can do to make yourself stand out. It definitely helps to showcase your skillset without making a hiring manager have to guess based on how you describe yourself in words.

Ways to stand out online

You want to build your tech portfolio. This is a sampling of your work, but also helps you establish your personal brand. To do this, you can:

  • Create your own personal website—as a way to show off your web design and coding skills.
  • Customize someone else’s website—through freelance work or as a favor to a friend, which also helps you build up your portfolio (a win-win).
  • Maintain a blog. You can post about your thoughts and experience on a wide range of topics related to the IT industry, especially topics that are currently hot.
  • Build a YouTube channel. On it, you can talk about all kinds of things related to your industry, teach others what you know, show examples and offer your professional advice.
  • Link to all of these things through your LinkedIn page. Once you have links to any of these places, add them to your LinkedIn page. This way, beyond a living resume, it gives page visitors a way to view your work. We’re not guaranteeing you’ll be a shoe-in for your next job opportunity, but we are saying you’ll be more likely to land an interview than someone who is merely words on a page.

Rock your IT career

The industry can be competitive, so if you have more to show, you’re that much further ahead than the competition. Don’t leave it to chance—get examples ready to go. You don’t want anything standing in between you and your dream job!

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