When building your IT team, why is diversity imperative? You need a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints to maximize your opportunities for innovation. Different people bring different points of view to the table, and you can make the most of your team’s creativity through diversity.

Your workforce should include a wide variety of groups, including women, veterans, people with disabilities, and people from different cultural backgrounds. Many problems arise when companies either have trouble finding qualified employees from different backgrounds or demographic groups, or they run into the “pipeline problem” where employees refer new hires of similar experiences and mindsets. Working with an experienced IT staffing company like RightWorks that knows how to tap into diverse talent pools can go a long way towards helping your team grow.

Three ways to be more diverse when hiring

If you’re worried hiring for diversity can be complicated or take a lot of effort, have no fear! You can do it easily, starting with these three techniques.

  1. Anonymous resumes. Whether it comes from a personal referral or another subconscious connection, our minds can automatically select applicants based on their names alone. It’s not something most consciously do, but nevertheless, it happens. To avoid this natural bias, you can use software that obscures an applicant’s name from every resume, so you’ll only see what counts: his or her work history, qualifications and expertise. If you don’t have access to this type of software, simply ask Human Resources to remove names from the resumes you review.
  2. A diverse talent acquisition team. When your employees in charge of hiring also come from a diverse background, you’ll be more likely to ensure diversity in your hiring choices. A diverse team will help you make sure no one is overlooked, and every candidate is considered.
  3. Careful word selection. Without realizing it, the words you use in job descriptions can inadvertently limit who applies. To help this situation, be deliberate in your word choices. Try to avoid any words that give the impression of masculinity, femininity, cultural background, age and more. Descriptions should be as inclusive as possible.

Diversity counts

Now more than ever before, IT companies must take big steps to outpace the competition. Technology changes constantly and to remain at the head of the pack, your company must be nimble and able to evolve. One of the best ways to do this is with a diverse team comprised of a wide variety of individuals.

Looking for new staff?

If you need help rounding out your team with diverse workers, contact RightWorks. We’ll work with you to find and place the qualified IT professionals you need to get the job done. To learn more, contact us today.