Richard Branson famously said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” This is certainly true, but what does exceptional client service actually look like?

Here are the three key principles that we live by at RightWorks to ensure a stellar client experience:

    1. All clients are partners. When we approach each new client relationship as if we are extensions of the client’s team, we encourage our clients to do the same. By having a clear understanding of our client’s businesses we can identify pain pints and provide value beyond the scope of work from day one. One way we achieve this is by getting to know our clients & teams and their business objectives. We want to experience the same passion and enthusiasm for their success as they do. Because ultimately, their success becomes our success.
    2. Exceptional client service bolsters our bottom line.¬† According to a study by SalesForce, gaining a new client costs six times more than organically growing an existing client relationship. In the staffing business, there will always be a need to find a new members to a clients as partners rather than vendors. Vendor relationships are transactional and fleeting; we strive for relationships that are “consultational” and, therefore, lasting.

      The study also showed that 72% of customers say they share positive client service experiences with others. Conversely, 62% say they share negative experiences. So, good client is simply good business.

    3. Strong client relationships require flexibility. It would be great to have one formula for client service that works for everyone, but the reality is that every client has their own way of working. Our job is to put in the work it takes to understand the inner workings of our clients’ industries as well of their particular organizations. Once we know how they work, we can adjust to seamlessly fit into their established process.

I have seen the difference true partnership with our clients makes. It is the reason we are an award-winning staffing firm with team members who are go-to resources for future-forward clients in industries space/aerospace technologies and engineering. Our commitment to our client partners runs deep and results in tangible benefits for us, for our clients, and for the people we place in their dream jobs every day.