When 25-year-old New Zealand lawmaker, Chloe Swarbrick, responded to an older colleague’s heckling with “OK, Boomer,” she had no idea that she was about to ignite a cross-generational war. It was as if, at that moment, one young person tapped into the collective frustration shared by young people everywhere who are constantly being told how spoiled, self-absorbed and thin-skinned they are. Let’s face it, every generation thinks that the younger generation is going to “Hell in a hand basket.”

Here at RightWorks, out of our full-time team members, all but three are Millennials. While it may be true that they have a tendency to job hop more frequently than their predecessors of my generation, Gen X or Baby Boomers, in my view, that is largely because they refuse to subject themselves to situations that fall short of their expectations. Those expectations include a desire for an ideal work-life balance. Similarly, they are not going to endure relationships that are not in their best interest, as evidenced by the declining marriage rates across the country. ( https://tinyurl.com/w6xg3xtNo, they aren’t going to take any B.S that’s going to hinder their happiness like prior generations — and that is a good thing!