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At RightWorks, we connect the right people to the right jobs by consistently deliverig a superior staffing experience for both our client partners and job seekers.

Staffing may not be Rocket Science, but if it was, we could handle it.

We specialize in meeting visionary leaders' immediate and future needs. As a result, we are the go-to resource for difficult-to-fill positions in future-forward industries including space/aerospace technologies and engineering for companies including NASA and Northrop Grumman.

We are an award-winning staffing company because we consistently provide our client partners with top people to suit their needs across multiple industries. So, from finding the right engineers to work on the International Space Station to getting key manufacturing staff on board - we're ready.

Why RightWorks

We strive to ensure that our team is motivated, engaged, and fully invested in doing the best for you.

At RightWorks, we cultivate a truly happy workplace where gratitude, collaboration, and adaptability are valued over sales quotas. We know that when we put our happiness first, we are better able to put the right people to work on the right teams to help move businesses forward - quickly.

As a minority-owned business enterprise, we are proud to help advance the vendor diversity goals of our client partners.

We understand that industry leaders and visionaries are in need of qualified, top-notch people to help move their visions forward

We know there are qualified people who are skilled across multiple industries looking for the right employers and positions to put their talents to use and we know how to connect them to the positions that are right for them. At RightWorks, we are consistently creating and working to maintain meaningful relationships with highly qualified people to create opportunities for them in the workplace. We strive to empower them to help our client partners move their businesses forward. The people we place help business leaders positively impact lives today and build toward their goals for the future.

Cross-industry Expertise and Individualized Attention

At RightWorks, we invest in our clients partners’ success by respecting their time and taking the necessary steps to understand their vision. We take a targeted approach to provide a selective field of qualified people to fill the needs of each position and who can quickly become integral team members. We’re so sure of the abilities of the people we place that we provide a guarantee: if someone we place leaves their position for any reason within the first 30 days of employment, we’ll place them free of charge!

Making the Right Match at the Right Time

Finding qualified people to fill technical, engineering and other skill-based positions can be challenging. At RightWorks, our team is adept at identifying the people who are an ideal fit from a skill-set and company culture perspective. Our team makes skill level and cultural fit priorities because we understand the benefits of putting the right people to work - quickly. We work to make sure our client partners and the people we place are well-matched and ready to move business forward by ensuring all paperwork, including necessary certifications, are in place in advance.

Process Flexibility

RightWorks has been awarded top honors because we consistently exceed our client partners' expectations of the staffing experience. We value our client partners' time and trust and know that filling an open position is often an added task on an already full plate. So, we make sure our process fits as seamlessly as possible into their existing process. From the discovery interview to background checks to initial candidate interviews - we have the flexibility to fill each position effectively, efficiently, and with excellence.

The RightWorks Difference

Our proprietary D.R.I.V.E system allows us to pinpoint the ideal talent for each position with unrivaled accuracy.

Our Expertise includes placing those hard-to-find contractor developers and engineers who possess advanced skills in some of the world's most cutting-edge technology platforms in the right positions. Our D.R.I.V.E system helps us do this. Here's how it works:



Hold an initial Discovery session to understand our client partners' needs



Refine the candidate pool to include those people with the greatest potential to succeed in the position



Identify the right people from the initial candidate pool to advance to the interview stage and beyond



Vet the top candidates so our client partners only spend time engaging with the people who are leading contenders to fill the position



Evaluate the outcome and progress of each person we place to ensure ongoing client satisfaction


Northrop Supplier

of the Year Award

Google Impact


“We needed people who could hit the ground running with our very serious project initiatives. We are naturally flooded with applications every time we open a position and it can be very difficult and time consuming to find the right candidate. Rightworks made a world of difference.”

United Nations

Not for Profit
Our business depends on having quality talent delivered to us at a moments notice. RightWorks does it right because they listen to what their partners and clients want out of a new team member. They not only find us people who are talented but new team members who fit into our culture. That’s the big differentiator between them and other staffing agencies

Chris Boag

North Studio

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