There are plenty of staffing agencies to choose from when you’re looking for the right one for your business. But many of the top staffing agencies are missing some of the critical elements that make RightWorks such a great choice.

By understanding what RightWorks offers, you can better understand what you’re missing when you turn to the other top staffing agencies.

These important offerings can help make the hiring process easier and smoother as well as ensuring that you get the best possible candidates for your business. Not only that, you’ll get the personalized attention you need in order to get a fantastic fit in candidates for your open positions.

#1: Only Hire On-Shore Talent

When you work with many of the other top staffing agencies, you’ll find that they offer a wide selection of candidates to fill your open positions. But many of those candidates come from offshore locations. In order to move into your company, they’ll need the appropriate paperwork and sponsorship covered for them. Not only that, they won’t be able to attend in-person interviews without substantial expense—or, potentially, at all.

That means you could end up with candidates that fail to meet your talent expectations and who aren’t the best fit for your open positions. Because RightWorks only moves on-shore talent into your open positions, you’ll get candidates that you know are better qualified for your business and who will be able to move into your open positions sooner.

#2: Give Personal Attention With A Lean Team

Many of the top staffing agencies will spread your staffing needs out over many of the individuals within the company. Instead of working directly with a specific individual or small team, they’ll let whoever is available work on your account. This means that you’ll miss out on the personal attention to many of the details that separate good candidates for your business from great ones.

With the personal attention that RightWorks gives to all of its companies, you’ll get the ideal candidates for your business. With personalities that will mesh well with your existing talent and attention to your existing hiring process, RightWorks can smoothly move candidates through your process, start to finish.

#3: Conduct In-Person Interviews

When you’re conducting interviews with candidates, you want to conduct them in person, face-to-face, if at all possible. RightWorks, unlike many of the other top staffing agencies, takes that attention to the next level. We conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates before we ever send them to you. This allows us to do several important things:

We get to know candidates more effectively. We’ll get a better feel for their personality and their professionalism by bringing them in for a personal discussion.

We pre-screen candidates for competency before we send them in for interviews. During phone interviews and online interviews, it’s possible for someone else to feed answers to technical questions to the candidate. Thanks to our in-person interviews, we’re able to determine whether or not the candidate actually has the skills that they claim to have. And we ensure that they’ll be able to fill the position that you have open.

We make sure that candidates are serious. Candidates who are serious about wanting open positions are more likely to come in for those face-to-face interviews, while candidates who don’t really want to leave their existing job might not make time in their schedules for those important meetings.

#4: Ensure A Good Fit With Post-Placement Follow Up

Placing candidates with your company isn’t the end of the experience when you choose RightWorks. We’ll stay in contact with your new employees well after they’ve been placed in your open positions. Follow up after the placement offers several key benefits to both your business and your new employees.

We’ll find out about any potential problems and help smooth the way to solving them. New candidates who are struggling to fit in with your company will receive the help they need. We can also act as a liaison between you and your new employees. We can provide information that can help smooth their entry into your company.

We’ll learn more about the ideal candidate for your business. RightWorks wants to be able to work with your company to fill many of your future vacancies. Our post-placement follow up interviews help us learn more about exactly what you want from your employees. This enables us to provide better candidates for you in the future. In addition, this helps narrow your candidate pool before the potential new employees even reach you. And it ensures that you’re able to fill your open positions as quickly as possible.

We’ll make sure your candidates stick. We’re sure that when you choose RightWorks as your staffing agency, you’ll get candidates that are the right long-term fit for your business. If an employee leaves your business at any time during the first 30 days, we’ll replace them free of charge. And that’s regardless of whether that candidate was fired or chose to leave your business on their own.

#5: Utilize Experience With Fortune 500 Companies

When you choose a top staffing agency, you want one that has plenty of experience with companies that matter. At RightWorks, we have extensive experience with a number of Fortune 500 companies, providing for all of their staffing needs.

We’ve also worked with a number of nationally-recognized brands, including SONY, GE, NBCUniversal, and AOL. Our extensive experience isn’t limited to these large companies, however. We’re also willing to work with small businesses to locate the employees they need to fill their open positions.

The Benefits of Other Top Staffing Agencies with a Personal Touch

Hunting for the top staffing company for your business shouldn’t be a difficult proposition. When you work with RightWorks, you won’t miss out on any of the benefits offered by other big names in the business. More importantly, however, you’ll get the personalized attention and all the other benefits that come along with working with a company that specifically understands the positions that you need to fill. From IT specific positions to engineering and more, we have experience and understanding of a wide range of professions.

Contact us today to learn more about how RightWorks can take the pain out of replacing employees within your business.