Finding the right candidate to fill an empty position in your company’s IT department can be a daunting challenge. It’s important to know that you’re hiring the best person for the job. Even after conducting multiple rounds of interviews and meeting IT candidates in person, it all comes down to that final choice. This could make or break a department, or even an entire company.

So how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

When interviewing a candidate, talking with them long-distance can be a totally different experience than meeting them in person.

Read on to learn why meeting IT candidates in person is a necessary step in the hiring process, and how you can make the most of a face to face meeting with each person you interview.

Interview Essentials

When you have a large pool of candidates interviewing for a single position (on average, just one corporate job opening can attract 250 applicants), you may conduct your first round of interviews over the phone. This way, it’s easy to weed out the candidates who don’t have the right skills for the position. Let alone, you can note if they’re no longer interested or just don’t seem like a good fit.

However, when it comes to the second, third, or fourth round of interviews and beyond, there is a huge benefit to meeting IT candidates in person. If you’re conducting a national search, it may be difficult to coordinate in-person interviews with candidates who live out of state. But there are a few reasons why it’s still important. Remember, you are interviewing a candidate not just to see if they have the skills you need, but also to see if they have the personality and attitude to be a strong member of your team.

Is the candidate reliable?

When a candidate arrives for an in-person interview, you can see exactly how prepared they are.

  • Did they get to the interview on time or were they running late?
  • Were they ready with copies of their resume or any other documents you asked them to bring?
  • Can they answer basic questions about the company and what it does?

If they aren’t eager, prepared, ready to go, and on time, you can expect they might have the same attitude towards the position when you give them an offer.

Learn about their skill set

It can be easy to fake knowledge and skills over the phone, but it’s a little trickier to lie in person. A candidate caught in a lie, or someone who really doesn’t sell themselves and their unique skills may not be the best fit for the position.

The way a person behaves over the phone and in person could end up being very different. So don’t rely solely on a great phone conversation. When you’re meeting them face-to-face, ask the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge. Find out specific facts about what skills they are best at, where they may need work. Ask questions to ensure that their skills are a match for what you need. And note if their answers are well thought out, clear, and articulate.

Size them up

Give them a tour of your office space, and introduce them to other colleagues. Doing this can really give you a better idea of their personality and how they act around others.

  • Do they ask thoughtful questions?
  • Do they seem curious and interested in the day-to-day operations of your business?
  • How do they treat the other employees they meet?
  • Do they show interest in others, no matter what their titles are?

In addition to learning about their hard skills in the interview, soft skills also shine through when you meet in person. Abilities like communication skills, working well with others, and self-confidence becomes apparent when you interact more personally.

Do they fit into the culture?

Sometimes, no matter how talented or knowledgeable a person is, they just may not be a fit with the way the company operates. A rigid person might not fit well in a flexible office space, formal. When it comes down to two candidates who may have the perfect skill set, it’s always smart to pick the one who fits the company culture best.

Get other opinions. After introducing them to others around your office, ask their opinions before you make a final decision. Sometimes, others are able to see things that you missed.

Finding that perfect candidate is difficult. But now you can see why meeting IT candidates in person is necessary in order to choose the right one. Going through weeks of interviews to hire someone that doesn’t work out can put a strain on your hiring department.

Make The Hiring Process A Breeze

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We work hard to connect great people to great jobs by learning about your staffing needs and finding top-tier candidates. We interview the candidates first to make sure that they are qualified and ready to go.

In addition, we go through all their background information, like salary history, work history, reference checks, and background checks. So you can rest assured that you’re matched with someone who not only meets your needs but will also fit in well with your company. If the candidate isn’t a great fit or they leave the position within 30 days, we’ll replace them for free!

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