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Our Team

Our team members at RightWorks all bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the table.

But they all share one common goal: To go above and beyond in hiring and recruiting.

Our Founders

John Florez

Karen Sironen

Our Operations

John Florez

Karen Sironen

Christina Sironen

Alison Rhea

Taylor Brandariz

Matthew Grover

Pip Cunningham

Shelby Matthews

Our Full-Desk

Brittane Cooper

Nancy Tolbert

Brennan Castille

Brynn Evans

Christopher Larson

Our Recruiters

Holly Broughton

Marie Martinelli

Magen Martin

Our Other Members

Joy Slaughter

Ryan Crandell

Ashlyn Gruner

Meagan Sivory

James Spears

Simone Crum

Ruthie Harper

Jason Lawyer

Michael Bidak

Grayson Webber

Nick Kasa

Lauren Chamblin

Deyanira Prince

Adan Gutierrez

Grant Herod

Safia Abdullah