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Are you looking for a financial and accounting recruitment agency? Look no further than RightWorks – the go-to provider of exceptional finance and accounting talent. Whether it’s helping you take your business to the next level or giving your existing operations a needed shakeup, our top-notch accounting recruiters are here to ensure you have the right people on board to ensure success.


Let us help you hire top talent for your finance & accounting department today!

Accounting Recruitment Process

We understand that finding the perfect candidate to join your team is not just about qualifications but also job culture fit. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients so that we can present only the most suitable candidates for your role.

Best Suited

The RightWorks accounting recruitment process makes it much easier to find the best candidate for the position. Our approach involves understanding the company culture and requirements for the job, so you can be sure that you are selecting a candidate with ideal attributes for your organization. With RightWorks, discovering an accountant who gels with your team’s workplace will not be stressful but something to look forward to.

Discovery Session

During our initial Discovery Session, we’ll evaluate your skills to ensure you have the qualifications for the job. We want everyone involved in the recruitment process to feel comfortable and safe, especially regarding internal hires or special requests. Therefore, our approach includes questions about qualifications, education, certifications, and experience, allowing us to assess applicants objectively.

Shared Criteria

We take great pride in our selection process, which carefully considers only the most suitable applicants who meet our criteria for success. With rigorous vetting, we can ensure that each candidate possesses the right attitude and skills to complement and improve your team. You can be assured that our attention to detail in the assessment process will result in an excellent match for your company.


We monitor our recruitment process closely by evaluating the outcome of each placement for success. Our team strives to ensure all parties involved benefit from a positive experience; that’s why we take the satisfaction of everyone so seriously and maintain ongoing communication and feedback after each placement.

What Makes Rightworks Different?

When narrowing down candidates for accounting jobs, no one is better than RightWorks. Our recruitment process is incredibly effective, setting us apart from our competition because of three distinct advantages.

A Thorough Hiring Process

Our hiring process is second-to-none – we strive to ensure that every hire meets the highest standards of excellence. We use a rigorous application system that races through multiple parts of our selection criteria to determine which candidates should move on and which should not.

Exceeding Expectations on Both Sides

Every step of our recruitment process is tailored to maximize success, from carefully sourcing and screening potential hires to ongoing candidate assessment that focuses not just on finding the perfect hire but on exceeding the expectations of both parties. We value collaboration at every stage and believe this is key to identifying long-term matches that produce positive results for employers and employees.

Quicker Time to Hire

At Rightworks Accounting and Finance Recruitment, we value the importance of your time. With our team of recruiters and cutting-edge tools, we can quickly find the best candidate for your role. In addition, our recruitment process significantly shortens the waiting periods that usually come with traditional recruitment methods so that you can access qualified candidates faster than usual.

Uphold Integrity

Practice Excellence

Growth Opportunity

Will You Be Next?

We’ve been fortunate enough to help companies, big and small, DRIVE their business forward.

We Find Top Talent While You Focus On Growing

We are committed to connecting you with the most talented professionals in the accounting industry. No more endless streams of resumes, no more competing with industry giants for quality candidates – we manage it discreetly and efficiently so that you don’t have to. In addition, we take pride in our commitment to providing comprehensive HR solutions so that you can focus on driving growth for your business rather than worrying about recruitment.

Getting The Right People To Work For You

Finding the right people to work for you is no easy task – the stakes are high, and getting it wrong can mean a lot of headaches and hassle. That’s why RightWorks accounting and finance recruitment agency is here to help. We understand that finding great talent for your business isn’t just about filling a position – you need someone who fits in with your culture, has a suitable skill set, and has a strong work ethic. So let us be a reliable partner in growing your accounting organization, and join us today!